Minerva Drapery

An opulent chenille velvet with a soft drape.

Minerva, an opulent, chenille velvet, delivers textural interest and a radiant lustre across 27 fashion-inspired colours. Ranging from must-have neutrals through to a rich palette of jewel-like tones, Minerva brings excitement, drama and contrast to hotel and leisure contract interior schemes. Available in Drape or Upholstery qualities.

  • Minerva M1 Dynamite

  • Minerva M2 Shadow

  • Minerva M3 Owl

  • Minerva M4 Shore

  • Minerva M5 Biscotti

  • Minerva M6 Crema

  • Minerva M7 Fresco

  • Minerva M8 Stone

  • Minerva M9 Fudge

  • Minerva M10 Falcon

  • Minerva M11 Caffe

  • Minerva M12 Rook

  • Minerva M13 Azure

  • Minerva M14 Capri

  • Minerva M15 Pool

  • Minerva M16 Melon

  • Minerva M17 Basil

  • Minerva M18 Vine

  • Minerva M19 Parrot

  • Minerva M20 Grappa

  • Minerva M21 Coulis

  • Minerva M22 Cherry

  • Minerva M23 Cleo

  • Minerva M24 Spice

  • Minerva M25 Sunset

  • Minerva M26 Amaretto

  • Minerva M27 Argent