Emulating the feel and texture of fine wool, Natura has delicate weave construction and a beautiful drape.

The Natura collection, consists of textural weaves echoing nature in a vast range of subtle neutral colour tones. Ideal for curtains, Natura fabrics are wide width and have been designed to be railroaded, allowing for seam free curtains. Designs are calm and elegant, contrasting a dry matt look with a shimmer and lustrous metallic yarns in the textured plain, Felicity. All the fabrics are made from 100% Trevira CS, inherently flame retardant to full UK and International contract

Fabrics marked with the TREVIRA CS logo are branded flame retardant fabrics. The Trevira fibres are inherently flame retardant and therefore the fabrics made from these fibres and filament yarns are permanently flame retardant. Trevira upholstery fabrics therefore do not require Crib 5 backing to be flame retardant.

We work hard at Skopos to obtain IMO certification for the majority of our fabrics. To comply with new regulations for marine interiors Skopos have been awarded the wheelmark and now have a large selection of fabrics with module B and D status.

  • Calista N1 Steel

  • Calista N2 Apple

  • Calista N3 Mushroom

  • Calista N4 Honey

  • Calista N5 Slate

  • Calista N6 Jet

  • Felicity N6 Oyster

  • Felicity N7 Biscuit

  • Felicity N8 Almond

  • Felicity N9 Marzipan

  • Felicity N10 Granite

  • Linette N1 Pebble

  • Linette N2 Sand

  • Linette N3 Butter

  • Linette N4 Bamboo

  • Linette N5 Chestnut

  • Talia N1 Stone

  • Talia N2 Mineral

  • Talia N3 Fennel