A thick pile upholstery velvet with a delicate strie and stylish crush.

Tahoe velvet collection brings a touch of glamour to contract interiors.  Offered to the contract market in 15 colours, the palette ranges from pearl neutrals through to deep exotic tones. The effects within the thick pile fabric provide texture and dimension, with a soft luxurious feel.

  • Tahoe T1 Vanilla

  • Tahoe T2 Star

  • Tahoe T3 Fossil

  • Tahoe T4 Sky

  • Tahoe T5 Jay

  • Tahoe T6 Honey

  • Tahoe T7 Rocky

  • Tahoe T8 Gilt

  • Tahoe T9 Peridot

  • Tahoe T10 Flame

  • Tahoe T11 Carafe

  • Tahoe T12 Currant

  • Tahoe T13 Olive

  • Tahoe T14 Titanium

  • Tahoe T15 Panther