Venus II

4 luxury velvet upholstery designs. Simple textures with a classic twist.

This sumptuous velvet collection from Skopos is the ultimate in classic luxury.  Four different qualities, a plain, semi-plain, herringbone and stripe, complement each other and offer endless combinations of textures that work beautifully together.  Inherently FR with a high lustre, Venus II provides real glamour with a colour palette stretching from glistening metallics, through strong neutrals and regal clarets.

  • Astoria V2 Ingot

  • Astoria V5 Peat

  • Astoria V6 Blackcurrant

  • Astoria V7 Jet

  • Hera V11 Winter

  • Hera V12 Seal

  • Hera V17 Vermillion

  • Hera V19 Carbon

  • Hermes V17 Slate

  • Hermes V18 Lichen

  • Hermes V21 Kingfisher

  • Hermes V23 Damson

  • Paris V12 Shingle

  • Paris V14 Sapphire

  • Paris V18 Berry