BioProtex – Antimicrobial Polyester from Mosaic

Mosaic, the Healthcare division of Skopos Design, have just launched BioProtex, the next generation of silver ion technology anti-microbial treatment, specifically created for inhibiting the growth of micro-organisms on Mosaic contract fabrics.

Sue Spurgeon, Managing Director says “ We have worked with silver technology for many years and are happy with its proven performance in the healthcare environment, developing an advanced  technology was a natural step for us.  This new technology enables us to provide a durable, anti-microbial treatment onto FR polyester as well as providing the same quality antimicrobial cotton FR fabrics.  Both can be used as cubicle curtains, window curtains or bedding”.

BioProtex has been independently tested and is highly effective against a wide range of bacteria including MRSA and E Coli.  It works by inhibiting the growth of micro-organisms, and as it is made of silver ions the bacteria doesn’t become resistant to BioProtex.  It doesn’t wear off and will remain effective throughout the life of the fabric.

BioProtex uses small amounts of recycled silver and no chemical anti-microbials, it has gone through rigorous safety testing according to OECD and FDA standards and is completely safe to use in direct body contact, making it one of the best products on the market.

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