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Our design team have recently been delving into the world of architecture, looking at the different planes and angles created on urban structures through tiles, structural shapes, turrets, plasterwork, windows etc. Today, many of the world’s cities are home to some of the most diverse and architecturally stunning buildings; both historical and modern and it is the lines found within rooftops, the silhouettes and tracings of skylines that can influence textile design, print and interiors.

Skopos Photos – Exterior view of North Greenwich Tube Station (London)
Decorative Wall at Olympic Park (London)
Indeed many hotels utilise the building they occupy and nearby architectural icons to inspire their interiors; or commission architects to design wonderful modern structures to encapsulate their hotel from the outset.
Geometrical textures, often seen on the shell of a building, such as those above on North Greenwich tube station, can be used to inspire the interior upholstery, complementing its location. It is also the mixture of media and materials utilised in the build that create elements of reflection, matt versus lustre, smooth versus textured, a mix of glass, concrete, metalwork, plasterwork and tiles.

(Skopos Photo – Street Air Grate in New York City)

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