Design Matters by Skopos

Design Matters
Our design team have recently been dreaming of more exotic lands, and exploring the distinct patterns, rhythms and colours that create the raw beauty of Africa.
There are many layers and textures and spirited shapes that create silhouettes against the landscape; cloudless skies, parched earth, water-seeking branches punch into the dry air creating waves in the sky. The colours of dessert dunes and rocky crags provide contrast against a pale blue sky. Mountains fold round the lands, creating security. Textures appear as ripples of land. Patterns appear within the landscape and on the animals, distinct markings that act as protection. Geometric textures gallop across the plains, whilst the air around is calm.. Birds of prey swoop across the Savannah. Hardly a murmur of disruption until a storm comes in. This is a continent of contrasts, of wild beauty and calm serenity.

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