Enchant & Nocturne Blackouts

Nocturne and Enchant for a restful night

Nocturne is a collection of textured blackout fabrics, perfect for contract drapery solutions. Nocturne sits within the Skopos Accents portfolio, offering 17 colours, ranging from flexible neutrals to rich statement tones. This collection can be used alone, unlined for best value, or with other fabrics to dress contract windows and block out light, facilitating a good night’s rest.

Alongside Nocturne as a textured plain, Skopos will be launching Enchant. A collection of 30 skus, Enchant is a printed collection, with 3 textural designs. Presented initially on our blackout quality, Enchant offers a cost effective alternative for blackout drapery. In-line with Skopos’ other print collections, Enchant will be available on 9 basecloths including drapery, bedding and upholstery qualities.

As a printed collection, Enchant will be offered on standard width, with all colours of Nocturne available wide width as standard.
Sitting alongside Skopos other Accents, including Mezzanotte dimouts,the response to both collections has already been extremely positive. Samples of both collections are available immediately. Please contact sales@skopos.co.uk for further information or visit our website www.skoposfabrics.com.

Skopos is an ISO9001 accredited company and has 40 year’s specialist experience in the design and supply of high performance FR contract fabrics for the hospitality, education, cruise and healthcare sectors.

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