Design Matters

Design Matters
Ceramic Surfaces

The designers have been inspired by repeating patterns and interlocking shapes found in ceramic surfaces, beautiful examples are seen in traditional Mediterranean tiling, where decoration can change the pace on the fascias of buildings across Spain and Portugal, where pattern is not just limited to the interior, but also on the exterior of buildings. This expression of colour and design changes the appearance of an urban landscape adds an element of interest and begins a story about the occupants and the interior.
This trend for regular repeated pattern and relief is also a modern expression, shapes that fit within shapes creating three dimensional surfaces, mimicking both natural materials and technical structures. These repeating rhythms are found all around us in nature, where beautiful, more random lines are seen in cracking clay and lined marble, on rooftops and pavements. Some lines are more confident and definite and others more random and faint. Simple, yet beautiful.


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