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This year is the celebration for everything Green, as Pantone announce it as the colour of the year. In our busy day to day lives we spend less time surrounding ourselves in the natural world and more time immersed in a digital frenzy. This year’s Greenery trend is reconnecting us with nature’s surroundings, to escape and rejuvenate ourselves from the strain of everyday life.

The designers at Skopos have been inspired by the reoccurring trend of nature within interiors and have explored the boundary between the outdoors and indoors. Lush green interruptions in interior spaces evoke a positive sense of growth and revitalisation.

The design team have been out collecting raw materials from the forest floor, using natural elements to rediscover Victorian craft traditions, such as flower pressing. Examining organic matter from a 2D perspective and taking inspiration from Victorian botanical illustration brings to life how plants were scientifically explored and documented through drawing. Beautiful hand craftsmanship and careful detailing were key values of this era, presented through fine pen and ink drawings.

Skopos designers have taken the Victorian passion of precision and hyperrealism and have investigated/developed ways to blend it with their own unique style to create a more up to date contemporary aesthetic.

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