Skopos Acoustic Fabrics - soft furnishings which minimise sound reflection within a room.

Skopos offer a wide range of flame retardant contract fabrics, developed and engineered specifically for contract interior spaces. Interior architects evaluate the separate elements that make up a room; and acoustic properties of these elements can be one of the key decision factors. To search our Acoustic Fabrics (rated >0.5 alpha-w) and to order samples, please use the fabric selector on our website.

Skopos Acoustic Fabrics - designed for perfect spaces.

In order to determine the effective acoustic properties of our fabrics or curtains, Skopos commissioned the experts at Salford University to conduct a series of tests, using their Reverberation Room, to obtain the absorption coefficient values over a range of standard test frequencies, according to BS EN ISO 354. The results were then plotted on a graph to produce an absorption curve. The sound absorption class was attained by comparing these values against a reference curve, resulting in a sound  absorption coefficient (αw) calculated in accordance with BS EN ISO11654. Skopos have tested a range of  fabrics with and without blackout linings and found that, perhaps unsurprisingly, the heavier weight curtains with a denser weave and pile, accompanied with a blackout lining, provide the best results, as shown on the graph below. These results assist when specifying fabrics and can provide a guide to the performance of other products within the Skopos portfolio. All tested curtains were produced as pencil pleat curtains with 100% fullness.

*Curtains were produced using a pencil pleat header and 100% fullness.

Sound Absorption Classification - A to E

The results from the reverberation room testing have been split into classification groups A-E, with A being the most sound absorbent. To minimise sound reflection within any contract room, the curtains and other soft furnishings play an important role and tests show that blackout lined curtains, using fabrics with a higher alpha-w rating, provide the most effective window solution. The voile, as a thin layer, when  combined with other curtains, strengthens the rating. Though not entirely effective alone, when voiles are added to a curtain solution, the extra layer provides increased privacy and extra acoustic soundproofing. To understand the classification (A to E) for each of the tested scenarios, please view the chart below.

Download a copy of our Acoustic Brochure.

To search our Acoustic Fabrics (rated >0.5alpha w) and to order samples, please use the fabric selector on our website.