Sustainable Fabrics

For Conscious Contract Interiors

Rethink, Renew, Reuse - Fabrics for a Sustainable Future

As individuals and in business we are beginning to understand the need to tackle climate extremes and seek a way to reduce the environmental devastation that our world is experiencing. Recognised threats, to our natural world, emphasises the necessity to approach things differently in all aspects of our business and every-day lives, in order to protect and preserve our environment and the natural elements we take for granted.

Skopos is committed to a launch program which brings sustainable fabrics to the top of the list. Yarns and fibres can be reborn: broken down, reprocessed and rewoven into new and exciting materials, which offer the same key attributes as those made from virgin yarns.

Skopos works mainly with Oeko-tex certified suppliers.This accreditation is recognised worldwide and indicates that the products have been engineered within environmentally friendly and socially responsible production facilities usingĀ  components, from the fabric to the thread, which have been rigorously tested against a list of up to 350 toxic chemicals, to ensure they contain no harmful substances.

Recycled Fabrics are increasing in popularity, with lots of exciting new yarns now available. Skopos is committed to a launch program which includes up to 50% recycled product from here on, with new launches for upholstery and drapery products which provide statement design appeal. View our recycled fabrics.

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