Intelligent Design

Our in-house design team work with you to transform commercial interiors.

Our collections are designed in-house in line with market trends and in consultation with our customers, to ensure we only bring products to market that offer something fresh, inspiring and relevant for contract interiors.

Our team are inspired by colour, pattern and fabric construction, giving Skopos' collections beauty, style and performance. Our team work with the latest CAD, colour and separation technology, and closely supported by our production and technical team, have helped create many of the unique styles you see in hotels, cruise ships and healthcare establishments worldwide. The team have a great understanding of sector specific needs, whether it's calming colours and outlines for Care, or luxury and drama for Cruise and can work independently with you to bring a specific project to life.  Many success stories are underpinned by intelligent design and Skopos is no different.

Keep an eye on the Design Matters articles on our news page to understand what makes our designers 'tick'.

Design Matters

Escape into an enchanted world

Every now and then we all like to step away from the every-day, into a world which has a fantastical slant, an enchanted escape where the forest seems a little wilder, a little more colourful and truly uplifting, with bright outstretched flowers winding and moving through captivating spaces.

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