Light Reflective Values

LRVs - The Importance of Contrast

Skopos use specialist equipment to provide LRV readings for all of their plain fabrics. The light reflective values provide a guide to the amount of light that is reflected or absorbed for any given surface.

Working with LRVs helps designers to create spaces with clear contrast. Particularly focused on hard surfaces such as floors, doorways, walls & ceilings, LRVs can also be applied to plain fabrics used for soft-furnishings, within a commercial space. Knowledge of the LRV measure aids designers in creating beautiful, relaxing spaces, where fabrics assist navigation and movement around the space to meet the needs of the resident/ user. We have provided a reading for all plain fabrics. Multi-coloured designs cannot be given an accurate reading, though, on request, an average could possibly be taken of a dominant background colour.

Click on the links below to download the LRV readings for our accent collections:



If you would like to find out more about Light Reflective Values and cannot find the information you need please contact us.