Technical Expertise

With Technical expertise, Skopos are proud to deliver products that are fit for purpose and the demands of their environment.

Skopos is ISO9001: 2015 accredited and all our fabrics are designed to meet the safety and performance standards required in the contract soft furnishings market.

Our strict processes ensure customers receive only the best quality products and services.

We test all of our products not only prior to launch, but also on an ongoing basis to ensure they meet the British, European and US standards for flame retardancy and meet the high demands set for contract interiors. We are committed to a programme of due diligence.

The test standards for our products can be grouped into two sectors; Performance which is a commercial/ design requirement and Regulatory; which are legal standards which have to be met in order that the installation meets the fire regulations.

Performance Standards:

These are a range of fabric tests that measure the performance of the fabric using prescribed tests. The required certifications should be agreed with your client before fabrics are specified. Technical data for our fabrics can be found within the product search section of our website (if you need any further information or a more detailed product performance data, please contact our Sales Dept). Please ensure that the installation of our fabric is in accordance with the intended use of the fabric and all current manufacturing standards have been met. Not all fabrics will perform in the same way in certain situations; for instance, care should be taken when using more flexible upholstery fabric (that is more suited to the curves of a Tub Chair), the same fabric may not be suitable for long expanses of seat bases due to possible stretching.

Many of our upholstery fabrics are waterproof, soil resist and antimicrobial.  The cleaning and aftercare instructions for each fabric differs. Please refer to the aftercare section of this website or to the individual pattern books for specific instructions.

Regulatory Requirements:

The adherence to Flame Resistance Standards is paramount: this is a legal requirement and customers must be aware of their responsibility for using the correct fabric for various intended public settings.

Our tests depend on the nature of the fabrics, but include:

Bedding & Drape Fabrics

  • Drapes – BS 5867 parts1& 2, type A, Band C
  • French M1, German B1
  • EN 13773
  • Bedding – BS7175 (crib 5)
  • IMO FTP Part 7&9
  • Italian Class 1

Upholstery Fabrics

  • BS 5852 part 1 (cigarette and match), part 2 (crib 5)
  • BS 7176 predictively tested – low and medium hazard areas
  • BSEN 1021:1 + 2 (cigarette and match)
  • IMO FTP Part 8
  • USA NFPA 260

Skopos fabrics are tested for various Flame Retardancy certification; please refer to our website product search section for the standards of a particular product. Test certificates can be provided on demand.

Please note that fabric intended for use in a Marine environment must be certificated to IMO - FTP2010 Part 8 (Upholstery),  IMO - FTP2010 Part 7 (Drapery) and IMO - FTP2010 Part 9 (Bedding). Reference:

For a full guide to the fire safety of furniture and furnishing for the UK contract sector please refer to:  /docs/fira-contract-flammability-guide.pdf