Antimicrobial Fabrics - incl' soil and stain resist fabrics

Many of Skopos' fabrics are engineered as antimicrobial products, whether intended for use in hotel, care, cruise or other contract settings. This added benefit means that the soft furnishings in the room are a key defender against viruses and bacteria which can compromise the safety of commercial interiors.

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Antimicrobial Fabrics for Contract Furniture

  • Antimicrobial Woven Upholstery Fabrics

    Skopos offer a broad range of antimicrobial upholstery weaves, which are waterproof and also soil resist. The active ingredient (BI-OME) is bound to the fabric, making it antimicrobial and antifungal, preventing cell growth. This active ingredient attracts microorganisms and then punctures their cell walls, leaving them ineffective and harmless, killing up to 94% of bacteria. We use this exact same ingredient on our Capa and Nereus upholstery basecloths, allowing customers to choose printed designs for antimicrobial upholstery.

    The Protect-Plus treatment on our woven upholstery fabric has been tested against the Coronavirus strain and demonstrates a reduction of up to 94% within 2 hours of contact, without cleaning.

  • Faux Leathers and Vinyls

    All of the Skopos faux leathers and vinyls have an antimicrobial treatment which is wipe clean and prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus on contact. The        antimicrobial treatment is designed to attack and prevent mildew and fungi on vinyl, polyurethane, and other susceptible polymers. An effective and broad-spectrum fungicide, this technology will prevent any surface growth.

    The Protect-Plus treatment on our faux leather /vinyl upholstery fabric has been tested against the Coronavirus strain and demonstrates a reduction of the virus beyond 97% after 2 hours.

Antimicrobial Fabrics for Curtains

We offer antimicrobial options on our printed fabrics and a selection of woven drapery fabrics which come as antimicrobial as standard.

  • Printed Fabrics and Woven Drapery Fabrics

    Our P11,000 and Ombra base-cloths and a selection of our drapery fabrics are offered with an extra antimicrobial treatment. The Silvershield® technology has an anti-viral & bacteriostatic effect, thereby preventing the growth of bacteria and blocking transmission. Our Capa and Nereus base-cloths already incorporate an antimicrobial agent, providing a hygienic printed upholstery option.

    Silvershield® has been tested against theCoronavirus strain and proven to provide a  reduction of the virus beyond 98%, after 2 hours exposure. This Silver protection is also proven to inhibit bacterial growth by 99.97%.

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