Carbon Neutral

Skopos Fabrics Ltd - A Carbon Neutral Organisation, in accordance with PAS 2060

Globally, we all have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and thereby minimise our business' impact on climate change. Skopos is proud to have been awarded this standard in 2023.

Skopos has undertaken a series of investigations to measure and assess Skopos' carbon usage across the company's entire operation. Understanding where our emissions are at their highest levels will enable us to rethink many future choices, such as energy sources, fuel types, travel, waste disposal and working from home policies.

Knowing our Carbon footprint has allowed us to effectively invest in future-proofing initiatives which can offset our emissions and give something back to our environment. Carbon neutrality is achieved when the same amount of CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere are removed or absorbed, by various means, leaving zero carbon, or a Carbon Neutral status.

The steps we need to take:

Measure: We have taken account of the carbon emissions produced through all stages of Skopos' operations for the previous year and therefore calculated how much carbon we need to offset.

Reduce: We recognise there are areas where we can further reduce our total emissions. We have a commitment to reduce this figure by 40% by the year 2030 and 95% by 2040, by undertaking a greater exploration of areas such as renewable energy sources , waste disposal and transport.

Offset: We have balanced our emissions by supporting 2 different tree planting initiatives, to effectively absorb excess carbon from the atmosphere. We also support  local...

Verify: We have documented proof of our Carbon management systems (a summary can be found here) and have been certified by an independent accredited body that we, as a team meet these standards and can be confidently certified as a CARBON NEUTRAL BUSINESS.

It's all about balance.

As a business we are setting our goals high in order to substantially reduce our Carbon emissions over the next 2 decades, however we recognise that, as a manufacturing business, though there are many steps we can take, we still need to find the balance in managing the carbon we do emit.  Our measures of our current position help us to find initiatives which balance out our effect and take full  responsibility for our operations.

Planting trees for ArBolivia and Tom's Wood

We have chosen to support two different schemes:

ArBolivia Project, Cochabamba Community Forest supports tree planting in Bolivia. It is a true partnership with the smallholders and farmers, as net revenues from the sustainably managed timber are shared equally between the project developers and the farmers, with the former providing investment capital and the latter providing land and labour. Arbolivia has been recognised for its role not only in mitigating the impact of climate change, but also in providing quantifiable benefits both for the communities in which it operates and for biodiversity in the regions.

We also chose to support a local initiative, Tom's Wood, in North Yorkshire. The vision for this initiative is to create new native woodland that supports local biodiversity and improves woodland habitat connectivity in the surrounding area.

Investing in the Future, Investing in Nature.

By investing in projects which are local and further afield, Skopos can offset current measured emissions with a documented target to reduce emissions substantially over the coming years.

If  you would like to find out more about our Carbon Neutral status, please contact our team: