Bedding Options

To complete a bedroom scheme, we offer a range of bedding options.

Our highly skilled team manufacture throws and bedspreads on site in Yorkshire. Any style and size are possible, however there are some standard headings and shapes that we are asked for regularly, which may help define your project. There are a number of variables, with many styles available wadded, quilted, unquilted, lined or unlined.

Foot Throws

There are a number of options for foot throws, ranging from simple budget options through to quilted luxury products:

  • Rokko Foot Throw

    This is the our most simple foot throw, available lined or unlined, with a simple topstitched hem around all edges. A neat and simple option.

  • Kochi Throw

    This foot end throw is available lined or unlined and has a simple top border for simple contrast on the bed.

  • Oshu Throw

    With a top and bottom border, the Oshu can be lined or unlined and can include wadding for extra luxury.

  • Arida Throw

    This foot end throw is available lined or unlined and has a complete square frame.

  • Katsura Throw

    This is a wadded foot end throw and is available lined or unlined and has a simple top border for contrasting options. Can be double sided.

  • Miyako Throw

    A popular foot throw option with a mitred corner and contrast frame.

Quilted Foot Throws

Our quilted foot throws give a luxury finishing touch.  Each one is channel quilted and has a different outline, for a slightly different silhouette.

  • Sendai Throw

    With mitred corners on full 8cm border all the way round, giving a rectangular shape.

  • Nara Throw

    A quilted throw with a co-ordinating 8cm top and bottom border and binding to the sides, giving a rectangular shape.

  • Hokkaido

    A fully quilted foot throw with a straight top edge and rounded bottom corners.  8cm border across the top and binding to bottom and sides.

  • Saku Throw

    Fully quilted with binding all round and rounded corners.


Our bedspreads provide greater overall coverage of the bed.

  • Manhattan Bedspread

    This is a relaxed half-bed bedspread which can be lined or unlined , available with square or rounded corners and an 8cm top border as standard.

  • Zurich Quilted Bedspread

    A fully quilted, fitted bedspread with simple hidden corners. Available with co-ordinating binding to define the edge of the bed.

  • Martinique Quilted Bedspread

    A fitted bedspread with a quilted top and flat sides, available lined or unlined. Co-ordinating binding can be used to define the edge of the bed.


  • We can manufacture a range of valances including box-pleated, knife-pleated, gathered and simple.

    Please ask for more details.