Bonita Velvet

Antimicrobial with a sophisticated burst of colour for contract furniture, Bonita FR velvets bring a matt, cotton-look and a soft luxurious feel.

Ranging from muted tones to bright jewel colours, Bonita cotton-look velvet is an antimicrobial crib 5 backed upholstery fabric supplied with a waterproof layer to provide a stylish yet hard-wearing solution for a variety of projects.

We work hard at Skopos to obtain IMO certification for the majority of our fabrics. To comply with new regulations for marine interiors Skopos have been awarded the wheelmark and now have a large selection of fabrics with module B and D status.

  • Bonita BN1 Girasol

  • Bonita BN2 Dorado

  • Bonita BN3 Amarillo

  • Bonita BN4 Lima

  • Bonita BN5 Cypress

  • Bonita BN6 Emerald

  • Bonita BN7 Kelp

  • Bonita BN8 Cinnamon

  • Bonita BN9 Sundance

  • Bonita BN10 Seville

  • Bonita BN11 Flamenco

  • Bonita BN12 Carnation

  • Bonita BN13 Bougainvillea

  • Bonita BN14 Violeta

  • Bonita BN15 Sky

  • Bonita BN16 Turquoise

  • Bonita BN17 Del Mar

  • Bonita BN18 Laguna

  • Bonita BN19 Eggshell

  • Bonita BN20 Salmon

  • Bonita BN21 Paloma

  • Bonita BN22 Granito

  • Bonita BN23 Kohl

  • Bonita BN24 Marron

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