Celeste Dimout

Celeste flame retardant dimout has been specially selected for its’ broad colour palette, soft handle and elegant drape, as a perfect, simple, textured solution for contract curtains.

As a dimout, Celeste fabrics will significantly reduce light transmission in a room, without sending the room into complete darkness. Our dimout fabrics provide over 97% light reduction, maintaining full privacy but allowing nature just to nudge through. For full blackout, however, Celeste can be lined and installed using smart tracks and pelmets to minimise the glow. Celeste comes as wide width to minimise sewing time joins Kiara as one of the new dimouts, introduced to broaden the dimout offer.

  • Celeste C1 Lily

  • Celeste C2 Vanilla

  • Celeste C3 Toast

  • Celeste C4 Jute

  • Celeste C5 Foal

  • Celeste C6 Buck

  • Celeste C7 Boar

  • Celeste C8 Ashen

  • Celeste C9 Railway

  • Celeste C10 Blacksmith

  • Celeste C11 Mercury

  • Celeste C12 Shore

  • Celeste C13 Marigold

  • Celeste C14 Brook

  • Celeste C15 Dock

  • Celeste C16 Algae

  • Celeste C17 Graze

  • Celeste C18 Regal

  • Celeste C19 Cadet

  • Celeste C20 Hickory

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