Chamonix Deuxieme

New lines added to our favourite Chamonix designs

A follow on from our much-loved Chamonix collection, Chamonix Deuxième brings a new colour story to contract upholstery. A fresh influx of these three well-loved upholstery fabric designs, Chamonix Deuxième provides even greater choice, in addition to the original Chamonix offer. With 38 new Skus, each design works beautifully alone or in combination, to create simple, contemporary and stylish contract furniture pieces. In an extensive palette, ranging from staple neutrals to fashion-led brights, colours can be selected and combined to fit with any chosen project scheme. For the full range please order both a Chamonix and Chamonix Deuxieme Card for your binder.

We work hard at Skopos to obtain IMO certification for the majority of our fabrics. To comply with new regulations for marine interiors Skopos have been awarded the wheelmark and now have a large selection of fabrics with module B and D status.

  • Marmotte CD47 Piccalilli

  • Marmotte CD41 Raffia

  • Marmotte CD42 Anchovy

  • Marmotte CD43 Ammonite

  • Marmotte CD44 Fox

  • Marmotte CD45 Nutmeg

  • Marmotte CD46 Magenta

  • Marmotte CD48 Kiwi

  • Marmotte CD49 Mint

  • Marmotte CD50 Corsica

  • Marmotte CD51 Marseille

  • Marmotte CD52 Chambray

  • Orelle CD53 Oxide

  • Orelle CD54 Pumice

  • Orelle CD55 Lynx

  • Orelle CD56 Dijon

  • Orelle CD57 Pistachio

  • Orelle CD58 Elm

  • Orelle CD59 Iceberg

  • Orelle CD60 Acacia

  • Orelle CD61 Nuthatch

  • Orelle CD62 Hydro

  • Orelle CD63 Dragonfly

  • Slalom CD64 Skydive

  • Slalom CD65 Pheasant

  • Slalom CD66 Titanic

  • Slalom CD67 Bluebottle

  • Slalom CD68 Seaweed

  • Slalom CD69 Vole

  • Slalom CD70 Anchor

  • Slalom CD71 Putty

  • Slalom CD72 Fog

  • Slalom CD73 Pineapple

  • Slalom CD74 Olive

  • Slalom CD75 Siskin

  • Slalom CD76 Alloy

  • Slalom CD77 Squirrel

  • Slalom CD78 Henna

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