3 textured waterproof upholstery qualities that work beautifully together or equally well alone.

The Chamonix collection brings together 3 textured designs and a print including a 2 tone herringbone, a soft chenille and a small textured check. With antimicrobial properties, soil resist and a waterproof layer Chamonix delivers a durable upholstery solution for Care and Hospitality projects.

We work hard at Skopos to obtain IMO certification for the majority of our fabrics. To comply with new regulations for marine interiors Skopos have been awarded the wheelmark and now have a large selection of fabrics with module B and D status.

  • Slalom C1 Cane

  • Slalom C2 Thatch

  • Slalom C3 Silver

  • Slalom C4 Sparrow

  • Slalom C5 Bullion

  • Slalom C6 Melba

  • Slalom C7 Kirsch

  • Slalom C8 Fraise

  • Slalom C9 Reef

  • Slalom C10 Marlin

  • Slalom C11 Cadet

  • Slalom C12 Burrow

  • Slalom C13 Cassis

  • Slalom C14 Coal

  • Orelle C1 Timber

  • Orelle C2 Flint

  • Orelle C3 Ferro

  • Orelle C4 Clément

  • Orelle C5 Crush

  • Orelle C6 Sloe

  • Orelle C7 Aqua

  • Orelle C8 Logan

  • Orelle C9 Bruno

  • Orelle C10 Fig

  • Marmotte C1 Maple

  • Marmotte C2 Lark

  • Marmotte C3 Elk

  • Marmotte C4 Chartreuse

  • Marmotte C5 Dream

  • Marmotte C6 Moss

  • Marmotte C7 Pine

  • Marmotte C8 Steel

  • Marmotte C9 Inferno

  • Marmotte C10 Carmine

  • Marmotte C11 Mocha

  • Marmotte C12 Majestic

  • Marmotte C13 Mallard

  • Marmotte C14 Black Cherry

  • Marmotte C15 Ink

  • Marmotte C16 Slate

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