Encanto – Fabrics for Well-designed Contract Interiors

Encanto provides a burst of colour and texture into commercial spaces. Marrying the key attributes: antimicrobial, impervious, soil and stain resist, the 2 designs offer amazing performance without compromising on style. The fractured herringbone, Onda, injects a familiar yet unique texture, alongside a flexible small-scale check of Loco. The palette provides pops of colour or a choice of classical neutrals.

  • Loco E1 Narwhal

  • Loco E2 Pirate

  • Loco E3 Marina

  • Loco E4 Angel

  • Loco E5 Opal

  • Loco E6 Cotton

  • Loco E7 Crocodile

  • Loco E8 Dragon

  • Loco E9 Indigo

  • Loco E10 Rio

  • Loco E11 Infinity

  • Loco E12 Gold

  • Loco E13 Annatto

  • Loco E14 Smoked Paprika

  • Onda E15 Spear

  • Onda E16 Sugar

  • Onda E17 Cactus

  • Onda E18 Savannah

  • Onda E19 Sky Garden

  • Onda E20 Laguna

  • Onda E21 Blue Salt

  • Onda E22 Banana

  • Onda E23 Naranja

  • Cuba C12 Dijon

  • Cuba C7 Bellini

  • Cuba C6 Tangerine

  • Cuba C4 Dune

  • Cuba C1 Buff

  • Cuba C3 Anchor

  • Cuba C13 Pickle

  • Cuba C9 Pistachio

  • Cuba C14 Monarch

  • Cuba C10 Mint

  • Cuba C21 Aegean

  • Cuba C19 Oxford Blue

  • Cuba C2 Fossil

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