Erddig & Elle

A contrast between feminine, flowing, organic shapes and masculine geometrics, a mixture of classic versus contemporary

This printed collection has a luxurious decadent feel. Aimed at hospitality and leisure interiors the collection includes statement designs, with geometric, hard lines versus soft, feminine organic shapes.   Base cloth options include velvets and a natural linen-look fabrics. Launched with the complimentary plain Trevira CS velvet (Beau).

  • Dalliance EE1 Ink

  • Dalliance EE2 Kelp

  • Dalliance EE3 Thyme

  • Dalliance EE4 Oyster

  • Dalliance EE5 Viola

  • Dalliance EE6 Russet

  • Dalliance EE7 Crimson

  • Pompadour EE1 Silver

  • Pompadour EE2 Sepia

  • Pompadour EE3 Atlantis

  • Follies EE1 Aquarius

  • Follies EE2 Thistle

  • Follies EE3 Magpie

  • Follies EE4 Mulberry

  • Chase EE1 Pewter

  • Chase EE2 Loden

  • Chase EE3 Woad

  • Chase EE4 Carmine