Flores Silvestri

A hand illustrated collection of botanical prints, reminiscent of British woodlands.

With a choice of 7 new designs and 10 base cloths, this collection is suited perfectly to independent hotels, care and leisure projects. Designs include a woodland mix, flower press design, textured check and a fern. Offered on a broad choice of basecloths Flores Silvestri can be incorpoarted into mainly interior schemes.

  • Birnam FS1 Camomile

  • Birnam FS2 Blossom

  • Birnam FS3 Sage

  • Birnam FS4 Brook

  • Birnam FS5 Bluebird

  • Birnam FS6 Fox

  • Birnam FS7 Tayberry

  • Bowood FS8 Camomile

  • Bowood FS9 Blossom

  • Bowood FS10 Bluebird

  • Bowood FS11 Fox

  • Bowood FS12 Tayberry

  • Delamere FS13 Camomile

  • Delamere FS14 Blossom

  • Delamere FS15 Sage

  • Delamere FS16 Bluebird

  • Delamere FS17 Brook

  • Delamere FS18 Fox

  • Delamere FS19 Tayberry

  • Haldon FS20 Antler

  • Haldon FS21 Ash

  • Harlow FS22 Camomile

  • Harlow FS23 Blossom

  • Harlow FS24 Sage

  • Harlow FS25 Bluebird

  • Harlow FS26 Brook

  • Harlow FS27 Tayberry

  • Tatton FS28 Sage

  • Tatton FS29 Bluebird

  • Tatton FS30 Fox

  • Tatton FS31 Falcon

  • Wisley FS32 Camomile

  • Wisley FS33 Blossom

  • Wisley FS34 Sage

  • Wisley FS35 Brook

  • Wisley FS36 Mushroom

  • Wisley FS37 Frost

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