Gaia Recycled Upholstery

Gaia Recycled Upholstery - 73% recycled polypropylene (from recycled textiles) and 27% recycled polyester (post-consumer waste)

Gaia offers a sustainable hardwearing solution which supports a future vision for interior textiles, which are environmentally conscious. A soft, textured upholstery boucle, offered in a sophisticated, muted, earthy palette, each of the 21 skus includes dapples of complimentary tones to give a grainy, organic, wool look to the quality. With Crib 5 cotton backing for full flame retardancy, Gaia backing is halogen free. Gaia performs to 50,000 Martindale rubs, perfect for hospitality and leisure interiors and meets the standard set for severe contract use for commercial furniture. Gaia also performs to the requirements for IMO and carries the MED Wheelmark, confirming suitability for Marine/ Cruise interior environments.

  • Gaia G1 Satellite

  • Gaia G2 Bedrock

  • Gaia G3 Mercury

  • Gaia G4 Pluto

  • Gaia G5 Chameleon

  • Gaia C6 Cinder

  • Gaia G7 Mars

  • Gaia G8 Volcano

  • Gaia G9 Meteor

  • Gaia G10 Cosmic

  • Gaia G11 Valley

  • Gaia G12 Verdigris

  • Gaia G13 Earth

  • Gaia G14 Dune

  • Gaia G15 Amber

  • Gaia G16 Neptune

  • Gaia G17 Galaxy

  • Gaia G18 Mangrove

  • Gaia G19 Reef

  • Gaia G20 Lagoon

  • Gaia G21 Oasis

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