Herriot: a wool-inspired collection, developed specifically for the contract sector with the added benefit of a waterproof layer, antimicrobial protection and soil resist.

Inspired by the natural wilderness of the Moors and Dales, Herriot is a nod to the simplicity and beauty of the Yorkshire countryside, with a natural texture and favoured classic design cues, which bring sophistication and class to contract furniture. The four designs include a large-scale hearth-side check, a contemporary tailored diamond, a two-tone basket-weave and bold dogtooth. The palette for the collection is not shy of colour, with a mix of neutrals and bright tones. Herriot has been developed using new back-coating technology, minimising the use of chemicals in a move towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly flame retardant contract upholstery solution. Herriot upholstery fabrics achieve 40,000 + Martindale rubs for inclusion into high traffic contract areas, across all sectors. Sitting under the new Skopos Pro-tect Plus umbrella, with the added benefit of an antimicrobial finish, this collection supports best practise hygiene goals within contract interiors and achieve the standards set for the marine wheelmark for cruise-ship interiors.

We work hard at Skopos to obtain IMO certification for the majority of our fabrics. To comply with new regulations for marine interiors Skopos have been awarded the wheelmark and now have a large selection of fabrics with module B and D status.

  • Hughes H12 Liquorice

  • Phinn H21 Gingerbread

  • Priestley H32 Owl

  • Bennett H1 Barn

  • Bennett H2 Nectar

  • Bennett H3 Heath

  • Bennett H4 Violet

  • Bennett H5 Cove

  • Bennett H6 Tabasco

  • Bennett H7 Beck

  • Bennett H8 Cragg

  • Hughes H9 Herring

  • Hughes H10 Creek

  • Hughes H11 Midas

  • Hughes H13 Harbour

  • Hughes H14 Lime

  • Phinn H15 Flint

  • Phinn H16 Aquamarine

  • Phinn H17 Mussel

  • Phinn H18 Coast

  • Phinn H19 Lobster

  • Phinn H20 Damson

  • Phinn H22 Bumble

  • Phinn H23 Asparagus

  • Phinn H24 Charcoal

  • Phinn H25 Squid

  • Phinn H26 Gulf

  • Priestley H27 Rum

  • Priestley H28 Chaffinch

  • Priestley H29 Parkin

  • Priestley H30 Woodland

  • Priestley H31 Puffin

  • Priestley H33 Ink

  • Priestley H34 Elder

  • Priestley H35 Canal

  • Priestley H36 Cerulean

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