A selection of inspiring and fun prints specifically designed to stimulate young minds.

A striking and bright collection of designs for the young-at-heart. Charming animals and abstract forms create a selection of inspiring and fun prints to brighten up care environments.

  • Atlantis K1 Palma Violet

  • Atlantis K2 Sherbet

  • Atlantis K3 Ice Pop

  • Atlantis K4 Tutti Fruitti

  • Atlantis K5 Seaside

  • Boogie K1 Palma Violet

  • Boogie K2 Sherbet

  • Boogie K3 Ice Pop

  • Boogie K4 Tutti Fruitti

  • Boogie K5 Seaside

  • Disco K1 Palma Violet

  • Disco K2 Sherbet

  • Disco K3 Ice Pop

  • Disco K4 Tutti Fruitti

  • Disco K5 Seaside

  • Jive K1 Palma Violet

  • Jive K2 Sherbet

  • Jive K3 Ice Pop

  • Jive K4 Tutti Fruitti

  • Jive K5 Seaside

  • Tiger-Tiger K1 Palma Violet

  • Tiger-Tiger K2 Sherbet

  • Tiger-Tiger K3 Ice Pop

  • Tiger-Tiger K4 Tutti Fruitti

  • Tiger-Tiger K5 Seaside