Kiara Dimout

Kiara dimout has been specially selected for its’ broad colour palette, soft handle and elegant drape, as a perfect, simple, textured solution for contract curtains.

As a dimout, Kiara fabrics will significantly reduce light transmission in a room, without sending the room into complete darkness. For full blackout, choose one of our curtain linings in addition to the face fabric. Kiara comes as wide width to minimise sewing time and is the first of our new dimouts, introduced to broaden the dimout offer, on top of Mezzanotte designs, Sera, Nox and Nero. With thermal properties, dimout fabrics help keep heat within the room, as well as providing a neat visual finishing solution. Kiara also increases sound absorption in the room, providing an acoustic solution. Kiara comes in a palette of 26 colourways.

  • Kiara K1 Tusk

  • Kiara K2 Anchovy

  • Kiara K3 Brioche

  • Kiara K4 Hazel

  • Kiara K5 Malted

  • Kiara K6 Hessian

  • Kiara K7 Doe

  • Kiara K8 Otter

  • Kiara K9 Grouse

  • Kiara K10 Brazil

  • Kiara K11 Conker

  • Kiara K12 Steely

  • Kiara K13 Tungsten

  • Kiara K14 Miner

  • Kiara K15 Manatee

  • Kiara K16 Acacia

  • Kiara K17 Pollen

  • Kiara K18 Aqua

  • Kiara K19 Sailor

  • Kiara K20 Palm

  • Kiara K21 Aster

  • Kiara K22 Glebe

  • Kiara K23 Violet

  • Kiara K24 Indigo

  • Kiara K25 Valentine

  • Kiara K26 Orangerie

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