La Feria Velvet

A collection of unique FR velvet designs, La Feria brings to life a sophisticated carnival style with an explosion of celebratory colour.

Inspired by the pattern of Latin life, these velvet upholstery fabrics celebrate luxury. Offering 5 new designs, La Feria is aimed at hospitality and leisure interiors and is intended to make a statement. Designs include an organic feather/herringbone design with a metallic outline, a soft textured pebble design, a multi-coloured chevron, a diamond, and an exotic tile. The collection comes with Crib5 backing as standard and a soft, luxurious pile.

  • Bandeira LF7 Clay

  • Bandeira LF1 Raffia

  • Bandeira LF2 Coral

  • Bandeira LF3 Honey

  • Bandeira LF4 Harbour

  • Bandeira LF5 Jay

  • Bandeira LF6 Peacock

  • Bandeira LF8 Cardinal

  • Cadiz LF9 Copper

  • Cadiz LF10 Avocado

  • Cadiz LF11 Forest

  • Cadiz LF12 Aquarius

  • Cadiz LF13 Storm

  • Cadiz LF14 Lava

  • Cadiz LF15 Indigo

  • Cordoba LF16 Dapple

  • Cordoba LF17 Violet

  • Cordoba LF18 Tempest

  • Fiesta LF19 Anchovy

  • Fiesta LF20 Sunrise

  • Fiesta LF21 Magma

  • Fiesta LF22 Lizard

  • Fiesta LF23 Pyrenees

  • Momo LF24 Griffon

  • Momo LF25 Saffron

  • Momo LF26 Pineneedle

  • Momo LF27 Shark

  • Momo LF28 Marina

  • Momo LF29 Chilli

  • Momo LF30 Terracotta

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