Meaning  ‘a place of beauty’ the Lowanna collection by Skopos evokes an exotic, tranquil and serene tone through 5 different printed designs

Including a splintered stripe, a multi-coloured Gingko leaf, a tribal diamond, a geometric and a dramatic 2 colour leaf, the designs have a graphic, confident simplicity and have been developed to bring contract interiors to life in an uplifting palette.  Providing ultimate flexibility, this collection is offered on a choice of base cloths to suit your needs.

  • Gingko L1 Ginger

  • Gingko L2 Sky

  • Gingko L3 Papaya

  • Gingko L4 Vine

  • Gingko L5 Ocean

  • Joonba L1 Shore

  • Joonba L2 Sky

  • Joonba L3 Forest

  • Joonba L4 Nut

  • Joonba L5 Vine

  • Joonba L6 Ocean

  • Muru L1 Shore

  • Muru L2 Sky

  • Muru L3 Papaya

  • Muru L4 Ginger

  • Muru L5 Vine

  • Dilkara L1 Shore

  • Dilkara L2 Sky

  • Dilkara L3 Papaya

  • Dilkara L4 Ginger

  • Dilkara L5 Vine

  • Dilkara L6 Ocean

  • Woko L1 Shore

  • Woko L 2 Sky

  • Woko L3 Forest

  • Woko L4 Nut

  • Woko L5 Vine

  • Woko L6 Ocean

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