Mau Loa

Mau Loa prints convey a tranquil, exotic paradise through exquisite illustration, hand painting and mixed media.

7 new designs, printed on a choice of base-cloths, offer an uplifting boutique feel to contract interiors. Inspired by the relaxing pace of Hawaiian life.

  • Coconut Cove ML11 Cliff

  • Aloha ML1 Olivine

  • Aloha ML2 Aqua

  • Aloha ML3 Blushed

  • Aloha ML4 Sorbet

  • Aloha ML5 Ochre

  • Aloha ML6 Starfish

  • Citrus Grove ML7 Lemon

  • Citrus Grove ML8 Lime

  • Coconut Cove ML9 Olivine

  • Coconut Cove ML10 Aqua

  • Coconut Cove ML12 Ochre

  • Crusoe ML13 Olivine

  • Crusoe ML14 Aqua

  • Crusoe ML15 Canopy

  • Crusoe ML16 Blushed

  • Crusoe ML17 Sorbet

  • Crusoe ML18 Ochre

  • Crusoe ML19 Camouflage

  • Calypso ML20 Olivine

  • Calypso ML21 Canopy

  • Calypso ML22 Aqua

  • Calypso ML23 Blushed

  • Calypso ML24 Ochre

  • Calypso ML25 Starfish

  • Calypso ML26 Oyster

  • Lacuna ML27 Olivine

  • Lacuna ML28 Aqua

  • Lacuna ML29 Jade

  • Lacuna ML30 Blushed

  • Lacuna ML31 Cliff

  • Passiflora ML32 Jade

  • Passiflora ML33 Aqua

  • Passiflora ML34 Blushed

  • Passiflora ML35 Twilight

  • Passiflora ML36 Sorbet

  • Passiflora ML37 Ochre

  • Passiflora ML38 Starfish

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