Northern Lights Aurora

Northern Lights Aurora

Northern Lights Aurora

Fabrics marked with the TREVIRA CS logo are branded flame retardant fabrics. The Trevira fibres are inherently flame retardant and therefore the fabrics made from these fibres and filament yarns are permanently flame retardant. Trevira upholstery fabrics therefore do not require Crib 5 backing to be flame retardant.

  • Berg NL1 Twinkle

  • Berg NL2 Elk

  • Berg NL11 Sunflower

  • Berg NL12 Daffodil

  • Berg NL13 Sunshine

  • Berg NL16 Nettle

  • Berg NL19 Turquoise

  • Berg NL22 Sapphire

  • Berg NL23 China

  • Berg NL24 Ocean

  • Berg NL28 Penguin

  • Falun NL1 Oat

  • Falun NL2 Sterling

  • Falun NL3 Nickle

  • Falun NL4 Wolf

  • Falun NL6 Saffron

  • Falun NL9 Spruce

  • Falun NL12 Waves

  • Berg NLA29 Peppercorn

  • Berg NLA30 Danube

  • Berg NLA31 Viridian

  • Berg NLA32 Green Tea

  • Berg NLA33 Wine

  • Berg NLA34 Glow

  • Berg NLA35 Celery

  • Berg NLA36 Aquarium

  • Falun NLA37 Treacle

  • Falun NLA38 Iron

  • Falun NLA39 Seaglass

  • Falun NLA40 Loden

  • Falun NLA41 Malibu

  • Falun NLA42 Mirage

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