Playful compositions of triangles, squares, circles and diamonds come together in elegant formations to create the new Skopos Oslo collection.

Together with a horizontal organic stripe, the designs are a mix of neat graphic outlines and softer, natural forms, tuning into the ongoing trend for geometrics in interiors. Colours are a mix of muted cool Nordic tones and playful brights. As with all of the Skopos print collections, Oslo is available on over 14 base-cloths, including bedding, drape and upholstery qualities, a mix of velvets, linen-look and waterproof fabrics and with the new addition of a exquisite blackout velvet drape, there is a solution for all contract environments. All meeting the FR requirements for contract interiors, Oslo print provides a perfect solution for Hospitality and Leisure soft furnishings.

  • Aksel OS1 Goose

  • Henrick OS13 Umber

  • Timo OS33 Wolf

  • Aksel OS2 Salt Lake

  • Aksel OS3 Umber

  • Aksel OS4 Spruce

  • Aksel OS5 Fjord

  • Aksel OS6 Salmon

  • Eric OS7 Goose

  • Eric OS8 Salt Lake

  • Eric OS9 Spruce

  • Eric OS10 Fjord

  • Henrick OS11 Goose

  • Henrick OS12 Salt Lake

  • Henrick OS14 Spruce

  • Henrick OS15 Fjord

  • Henrick OS16 Carmine

  • Henrick OS17 Sunset

  • Onni OS18 Goose

  • Onni OS19 Salt Lake

  • Onni OS20 Umber

  • Onni OS21 Spruce

  • Onni OS22 Fjord

  • Onni OS23 Carmine

  • Timo OS24 Goose

  • Timo OS25 Eider

  • Timo OS26 Umber

  • Timo OS27 Spice

  • Timo OS28 Spruce

  • Timo OS29 Moss

  • Timo OS30 Sunset

  • Timo OS31 Fjord

  • Timo OS32 Teal

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