A light-weight sateen accent useable on both sides.

A lustrous reflective finish, or a more natural matt option. Peru works well as a standalone product and as a simple choice for edges and trims. Colours for this collection reflect market trends and have been carefully selected to work well with contract schemes to provide a fresh, contemporary lift

  • Peru P1 Ivory

  • Peru P2 Brûlée

  • Peru P3 Maple

  • Peru P4 Nutmeg

  • Peru P5 Toffee

  • Peru P6 Truffle

  • Peru P7 Gunpowder

  • Peru P8 Hearth

  • Peru P9 Corn

  • Peru P10 Cloud

  • Peru P11 Fawn

  • Peru P12 Spearmint

  • Peru P13 Mojito

  • Peru P14 Meadow

  • Peru P15 Shamrock

  • Peru P16 Powder

  • Peru P17 Lagoon

  • Peru P18 Aquarium

  • Peru P19 Brook

  • Peru P20 Atlantic

  • Peru P21 Skylight

  • Peru P22 Bluebird

  • Peru P23 Lake

  • Peru P24 Peachy

  • Peru P25 Sunrise

  • Peru P26 Chilli

  • Peru P28 Berries

  • Peru P29 Thistle

  • Peru P30 Orchid

  • Peru P31 Plum

  • Peru P32 Mimosa

  • Peru P33 Thunder

  • Peru P34 Raven

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