A light-weight sateen accent useable on both sides.

16 new colours have brought into this flame retardant collection to bring our offer up to date for drapery, bedding and accessories within contract environments. Reversible, with a lustrous reflective finish, or a more natural, matt option. Peru works well as a standalone product and as a simple choice for edges and trims. Colours for this collection reflect market trends and have been carefully selected to work well with contract schemes to provide a fresh, contemporary lift.

  • Peru P3 Maple

  • Peru P4 Nutmeg

  • Peru P7 Gunpowder

  • Peru P8 Hearth

  • Peru P9 Corn

  • Peru P10 Cloud

  • Peru P11 Fawn

  • Peru P12 Spearmint

  • Peru P13 Mojito

  • Peru P14 Meadow

  • Peru P15 Shamrock

  • Peru P16 Powder

  • Peru P17 Lagoon

  • Peru P18 Aquarium

  • Peru P19 Brook

  • Peru P20 Atlantic

  • Peru P21 Skylight

  • Peru P22 Bluebird

  • Peru P23 Lake

  • Peru P24 Peachy

  • Peru P25 Sunrise

  • Peru P26 Chilli

  • Peru P28 Berries

  • Peru P29 Thistle

  • Peru P30 Orchid

  • Peru P31 Plum

  • Peru P32 Mimosa

  • Peru P33 Thunder

  • Peru P34 Raven

  • Peru P35 Ochre

  • Peru P36 Misty Shore

  • Peru P37 Flint

  • Peru P38 Sage Grey

  • Peru P39 Daiquiri

  • Peru P40 Key Lime

  • Peru P41 Jungle

  • Peru P42 Eucalyptus

  • Peru P43 Dark Teal

  • Peru P44 Apricot

  • Peru P45 Cajun

  • Peru P46 Rose Garden

  • Peru P47 Parchment

  • Peru P48 Seascape

  • Peru P49 Jaded

  • Peru P50 Camo

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