A melodic graphic print perfect for a variety of contract interiors.

Poetica prints are an exquisite compilation of melodic natural design, bringing the romance and composure of poetry and rhythm to modern hotel, leisure, care and cruise interiors.  The intricate detailing of the stripe and the organic flow of Prose perfectly complement the beautiful undulating curves and floral grace.  Offered on a broad choice of FR base cloths.

  • Sonnet P1 Seagrass

  • Sonnet P2 Sweetpea

  • Sonnet P3 Jewel

  • Sonnet P4 Rosso

  • Sonnet P5 Heather

  • Sonnet P6 Mallard

  • Ode P1 Seagrass

  • Ode P2 Sweetpea

  • Ode P3 Jewel

  • Ode P4 Rosso

  • Ode P5 Heather

  • Ode P6 Mallard

  • Tang S2 Cerise

  • Tang S5 Lime

  • Tang S1 Sienna

  • Tang S3 Forest

  • Tang S4 Blush

  • Tang S6 Indigo

  • Prose P1 Seagrass

  • Prose P2 Sweetpea

  • Prose P3 Jewel

  • Prose P4 Rosso

  • Prose P5 Heather

  • Prose P6 Mallard

  • Prose P7 Gooseberry