Reflection Thermal Lining

Energy Saving FR Blackout Lining for Contract Curtains

Skopos are pleased to have included a new wide-width, double-sided, blackout lining into their core offer. As an optional choice on all Skopos’ made-up curtains, the ‘Reflection’ lining can be used in 2 different ways depending on the environment it is specified for. On the most-part, in the UK, the lining will be used with the silver side facing inwards, towards the room, minimising any heat loss through the curtain. The lining can facilitate a reduction in energy bills of more than 30%. In hotter climates the function of the lining will be different: used with the silver-side facing outwards, the product will reflect excess heat and help keep bedrooms cooler. Meeting flame retardancy standards for the UK and Europe Reflection also performs to the requirements for IMO, confirming suitability for Marine/ Cruise interior environments. PLEASE CONTACT FOR DETAILS OF ALL LINING FABRICS AVAILABLE.

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