The Silk Roads

The Silk Roads comes with the added benefit of an antimicrobial treatment, ticking the box in the fight for best practise hygiene standards within hotels and all other contract interiors.

The latest Skopos collection is a celebratory collection of woven decorative flame-retardant fabrics that fuse together the charms of the East with the knowledge of the West.Influenced by the silk trade route, defined before time as we know it began, the collection follows a journey, influenced by different cultures to bring together an exotic fusion of design and colour. With 5 distinctive designs, the influence of the East comes through clearly in the Khotan design, a mosaic style trellis, resembling tapestry. A tonal woven diamond, Niya, the collection’s geometric design, with Susa, a delicate relief paisley, a two-colour statement for curtains, bedding and cushions. Including a large-scale damask and a beautiful organic design showcased on our blackout velvet, Sonno. Designed to work well with Skopos accents and upholstery fabrics. The woven designs come with an antimicrobial finish as standard, adding extra assurance within beautiful contract interiors.

  • Khotan SR1 Wolf

  • Khotan SR2 Camomile

  • Khotan SR3 Chilli-pepper

  • Khotan SR4 Anise

  • Miran SR5 Mule

  • Miran SR6 Bay

  • Miran SR7 Dragon

  • Miran SR8 Nautical

  • Niya SR9 Ash

  • Niya SR10 Skyscraper

  • Niya SR14 Gulf

  • Niya SR11 Sovereign

  • Niya SR12 Spice

  • Niya SR13 Evergreen

  • Susa SR27 Teal

  • Susa SR28 Jasmine

  • Susa SR29 Moth

  • Susa SR30 Mallard

  • Palmyra SR15 Bamboo

  • Palmyra SR16 Sail

  • Palmyra SR17 Clay

  • Palmyra SR18 Springtime

  • Palmyra SR19 Copper

  • Palmyra SR20 Coral

  • Palmyra SR21 Night-garden

  • Palmyra SR22 Eclipse

  • Palmyra SR23 Oceanic

  • Palmyra SR24 Cherry Blossom

  • Palmyra SR25 Brass

  • Palmyra SR26 Jade

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