A print collection capturing the awakening of early springtime in the forest.

The Woodlands collection captures the sense of fresh life within the forest. Colours used within the collection have been chosen to promote and aid rest and healing within a healthcare environment.

  • Arbour W1 Mushroom

  • Arbour W2 Dawn

  • Arbour W3 Orchard

  • Arbour W4 Glade

  • Arbour W5 Lagoon

  • Arbour W6 Heather

  • Aspen W1 Birch

  • Aspen W2 Barley

  • Aspen W3 Waterfall

  • Aspen w4 Frost

  • Aspen W5 Leaf

  • Grandiflora W1 Fern

  • Grandiflora W2 Jade

  • Grandiflora W3 Lupin

  • Grandiflora W4 Blossom

  • Sylvana W1 Lichen

  • Sylvana W2 Winter

  • Sylvana W3 Thistle

  • Sylvana W4 Spring

  • Sylvana W5 Fall