Curtain Options

Our highly skilled team manufacture curtains on site in Yorkshire.

Any style and size is possible, however there are some standard headings and styles that we are asked for regularly, which may help shape your project. Depending on the level of blackout required we also have a full range of linings and can advise best fabric matches to achieve the desired effect.

Curtain headings

  • Goblet Pleat

    This is also known as an open pinch.  The effect is simple, with a tube opening at the top and a fixed heading. ·10cm goblet heading as standard, supplied with adjustable zip hooks to amend the height to suit.

  • Pinch Pleat

    Our pinch pleat curtains have a standard 10cm heading. Curtains come with a triple pinch as standard, supplied with adjustable hooks to amend the drop. This is a fixed heading, made to perfectly fit a track or pole.

  • Pencil Pleat

    Our pencil pleat heading is a popular choice. The standard header of 7.5cm provides a straightforward solution with a 15cm deep option for a larger drop to emphasise height and grandeur. This curtain is supplied ready drawn to the measured size, with the option to adjust the fullness.

  • Eyelet Heading

    Simple, elegant waves, the standard eyelet heading is supplied with a 40mm chrome eyelet.

    10mm chrome eyelet also available for shower curtains.

  • Castle Heading

    The castle header gives a clear loop finish over the top of the pole. Mainly for domestic environments.

  • Wave Header

    Working in conjunction with a specialist track, the wave header provides a regular drape. Fixed from the ceiling, this style provides ultimate height and can be used with or without a pelmet.

Curtain borders

  • Leading edge

    The contrast of the leading edge can be used to add a decorative finish or to make the edge of the curtain have greater standout.  Please check which fabrics can be used together.

  • Top border

    The top border provides a decorative finish and also can break up the drop on a tall curtain. Please check which fabrics work well together.

  • Bottom border

    Giving a decorative finish towards the bottom edge or floor, the border neatly frames the curtain. Please check which fabrics work well together.

If you would like to find out more about this service, please contact our sales team