Wild Rose
L5 Delft

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Suitable use

Fabric type


Vertical pattern repeat




Vertical pattern repeat when railroaded


Washing instructions

  • Elara L1 Melba

  • Elara L2 Lavendar

  • Elara L3 Aqua

  • Elara L4 Lagoon

  • Elara L5 Sunset

  • Jupiter L1 Melba

  • Jupiter L2 Lavendar

  • Jupiter L3 Aqua

  • Jupiter L4 Lagoon

  • Jupiter L5 Sunset

  • Lawn L1 Lemongrass

  • Lawn L2 Bluebell

  • Lawn L3 Sherbet

  • Lawn L4 Fudge

  • Lawn L5 Spice

  • Orchard L1 Lemongrass

  • Orchard L2 Bluebell

  • Orchard L3 Sherbet

  • Orchard L4 Fudge

  • Orchard L5 Spice

  • Rosa L1 Mandarin

  • Rosa L2 Coral

  • Rosa L3 Apple

  • Rosa L4 Raspberry

  • Rosa L5 Delft

  • Wild Rose L1 Mandarin

  • Wild Rose L2 Coral

  • Wild Rose L3 Apple

  • Wild Rose L4 Raspberry

  • Wild Rose L5 Delft