50th Anniversary Collection - November

1st November 2022

Stepping into the cosiness of Winter, towards the end of our celebratory year, we look back to 1991 and the launch of the iconic Baradaeus collection.

A best-seller of the 90’s, the designs adorned hotels and homes across the country. Wet-printed, the style assisted a maximalist era, with graphic florals, vines and geometrics all presented on a crazed crackled ground for added texture finished with a luxury outline in gold. With echos of William Morris designs and ‘crewel’ embroidery styles seen in the 17th century, the collection supported a classical interior scheme. 30 years later and we have revisited the striking Jacobean Floral design within the collection. Concentrating on the floral silhouette, Baradaeus Mist takes on a ghostly form, with a stone/ organic texture overlaying the simplistic floral shapes. Colour has been simplified to pick out the beauty of the flower-heads and vines against a chalky ground.

To accompany Baradaeus Mist for 2022 and in complete contrast to Baradaeus, we have looked back only four years to our recent Oslo collection. Henrick Stripe directly links to our Henrick design, with a smaller pattern repeat and an overall stripe effect. Celebrating a Bauhaus flavour, the design shows a confident use of line and angles to create blocks of colour which work well in interior schemes within accessories or key statement pieces, to bring the room together.