50th Anniversary Collection - September

29th September 2022

50th Anniversary July 2022 - Absinthe and Fuji Designs

2006 saw the launch of the Flamingo collection. A bold, abstract graphic collection, Flamingo brought 6 new designs to the Skopos portfolio. Hero of the collection was the Absinthe design, with echoes of 60’s psychedelia, the bold depiction of a flower head with a vertical background wave and central pop of colour shouted proud within contract spaces. Originally produced for screen printing this design has been adapted to add in subtle details and textures into the leaves and petals, but still remaining true to the Absinthe design. Launching therefore with the same name – the 2 colourways will be produced initially on our Turin linen-look basecloth.

Working in tandem with Absinthe for September, we have the Fuji design. Born out of patterning seen in Japanese designs, the original inspiration came from our 2 tone Edo design within our Kimono collection (2008). Screen printed originally on fabrics with the appearance of silk, Edo gave a simple geometric option for curtains and bedding. With a change of scale and tweaks which saw the design more representative of a fan, the design has become a smaller graphic 4 colour design. Offered in two colourways which complement the Absinthe design, Fuji is our second design for September and will be sampled on our Nereus waterproof, antimicrobial base-cloth for upholstery.