Cosy Into Autumn

15th September 2021

Cosy Into Autumn: As we head into Autumn, signalling shorter days and cooler temperatures, Skopos designers have been inspired by this seasonal shift.

Autumn invites us to embrace home comforts, to relish the glow of warm fireside chats and add extra layers of natural, organic textures to create cosy interiors.

Inspiration comes from gorgeous, soft, natural, fabrics and timeless motifs; familiar patterns that can be reinvented with clever shifts in colour and a fresh look at design.  The ebb and flow of the surrounding countryside tells us it’s time for reflection, to embrace change, to be prepared for different days.  Colours are changing around us, with bright pops of colour coming through in nature, holding onto daytime sunlight. Our mood-board celebrates a palette of traditional favourites combined with more flamboyant colour options, for complete versatility. Exciting new collections on the horizon.