Upholstery Fabrics made from recycled yarns and waste materials

27th April 2023

As individuals and in business we are beginning, at least, to understand the need to tackle the climate extremes and seek a way to reduce the environmental devastation that our world is experiencing.

Recognised threats, to our natural world, emphasise the necessity to approach things differently in all aspects of our business and every-day lives, in order to protect and preserve our environment and the natural elements we take for granted.

Our design team have been looking at how yarns and fibres can be reborn: broken down, re processed and rewoven into new and exciting materials, which offer the same key attributes as those made from virgin yarns. What do we expect recycled fabrics to look like? How do they perform?

Colour and texture add to their credibility. Colour stories with nature-inspired palettes can help as a reminder that recycled collections are supporting our planet. Unexpected twists and textural boucle structures can celebrate the unpredictable undulations of the earth, adding an organic interest and variation in surface finish. All these details can bring something exciting to furniture and surfaces used in interior spaces, linking us back to the ‘circle of life’.