Geometric Forms in Nordic Palettes Provide Inspiration

30th October 2019

The simple hard-edged forms of triangles, circles and diamonds provide contrast against blurred lines and marbling effects.

In 2019 The Bauhaus is celebrating its centenary year, marking 100 years since the famous Art School was founded. Geometric shapes and forms were an integral part of the Bauhaus movement and have continued to influence designers across multiple design disciplines. This trend is becoming ever more influential as it reappears in accessories, furniture, wallpaper and soft furnishings.

Geometric design influences also have a nod to stylish Nordic simplicity and can create a confident statement to update any interior; such designs create a sense of balance and easily harmonize with other patterns. Colours seen in Nordic Winter landscapes give a calm, cool influence. With this is mind  our Design Team have been using various techniques to create shapes and forms using mark making, painting, stenciling and everyday objects to print with.