Soft Textiles from Hard Items of Post-Consumer Waste

8th January 2024

Rethink, Renew, Reuse: Creating feather-soft textiles from post-consumer waste. 100% Polyester, Skopos are excited to launch Eider Recycled UPH into the marketplace.

Moving into 2024, there will be a greater need to embrace recycled fabrics and move industries towards a greener future. Skopos achieved Carbon Neutrality in 2023, a key part of the jigsaw, however this achievement needs to sit alongside a push on products, which are derived from materials that have had a former life.  To prevent post-consumer waste being deposited in landfill and ultimately polluting our oceans and land, we need to consider how we can re-use those materials to produce new, desirable products.

Our design team have been considering the transformation of hard materials such as plastics into yarns and ultimately fabrics which have a soft handle and a completely different aesthetic appeal. Rigid surfaces which have a shell and create sound reflection in a room appear so opposite to cloudy, velvety materials, which have the ability soften acoustics, create texture and warmth within a space. Muted colour stories, with nature-inspired palettes can help as a reminder that recycled collections are supporting our planet. All these details can bring something exciting to furniture and surfaces used in interior spaces, linking us back to the ‘circle of life’.