Birch Park, Cleckheaton

As the fifth care home in the Darrington Healthcare portfolio, Birch Park is another outstanding example of luxury care, where comfort, homeliness and top quality care are priority.

A new-build home with 86 en-suite bedrooms, in the centre of a former Yorkshire Mill town, Birch Park has been built to provide  home from home style care.


Architects, Acanthus Darbyshire Ltd and Designers AMA Works Ltd were looking to create a welcoming home for the residents, with specialist provision for ‘Dementia Care’ on the 1st floor.  The home caters for Residential and Nursing Care also, so needed to allow for different needs within the home. To create the right atmosphere, Alston Murphy wanted to include a mix of textures and designs in their schemes using soft furnishings, curtains and upholstery, to create different zones and relaxation areas within the home. Birch Park includes a cinema room, salon and bar and a number of kitchen and dining room areas where residents can relax.


Alston Murphy chose full bedspreads in our Minerva chenille quality for each of the bedrooms.  To create a different feel to each of the dining areas and lounges, a range of fabrics were selected ranging from Mila woven designs, through to beautiful printed florals from Mau Loa and Flores Silvestri. Key fabrics from Moritz  waterproof collection and Chamonix were selected to provide texture and elegance on furniture, with fabrics specifically designed for Care environments and the specialist needs of Care residents. Designed for comfort and style, these fabrics are equally suited to hotel and leisure interiors.  With a range of drape fabrics selected, Skopos provided full service, including measure, make-up of curtains, bedding and cushions and full installation across 86 bedrooms and all public areas.

Fabrics used

  • FS11 Fox

  • FS14 Blossom

  • OR36 Ink

  • C4 Chartreuse

  • C5 Dream

  • ML30 Blushed

  • M6 Fig

  • FS32 Camomile

  • ML34 Blushed

  • K7 Kestrel

  • M4 Petrol

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