Astraeus Voiles

Luxury voile collection with statement decorative designs and modern plains.

Flame Retardant voiles. Inspirational designs including a vintage crinkle silk effect Trevira CS voile, an embroidered vertical design, tailored stripes and an elegant gradated print. The collection brings a mix of matt, linen-look designs, large scale drama, luxurious shimmer for hotel voiles and a good offering of simple understated designs.

Fabrics marked with the TREVIRA CS logo are branded flame retardant fabrics. The Trevira fibres are inherently flame retardant and therefore the fabrics made from these fibres and filament yarns are permanently flame retardant. Trevira upholstery fabrics therefore do not require Crib 5 backing to be flame retardant.

We work hard at Skopos to obtain IMO certification for the majority of our fabrics. To comply with new regulations for marine interiors Skopos have been awarded the wheelmark and now have a large selection of fabrics with module B and D status.

  • Aura A1 Storm

  • Aura A2 Nimbus

  • Aura A3 Titanic

  • Billow A4 Polar

  • Billow A5 Bianco

  • Blizzard A6 Moon

  • Blizzard A7 Bullet

  • Charm A8 Ice

  • Flutter A9 Ghost

  • Flutter A10 Smoke

  • Flutter A11Hurricane

  • Mellow A12 Drift

  • Sigh A13 Halo

  • Sigh A14 Shooting Star

  • Smoulder A15 Pearl

  • Smoulder A16 Steel

  • Smoulder A17 Pewter

  • Tranquility A18 Frost

  • Tranquility A19 Dawn

  • Wander A20 Arctic

  • Wander A21 Ivory

  • Wander A22 Sahara

  • Murmur K1 Chalk

  • Murmur K2 Linen

  • Murmur K3 Stone

  • Murmur K4 Shadow

  • Murmur K5 Rhino

  • Murmur K6 Mamba

  • Murmur K7 Canola

  • Murmur K8 Pampass

  • Murmur K9 Cruise

  • Murmur K10 Ocean