A simple decorative upholstery chenille in a palette with a vintage twist.

Amaze offers a choice of 22 colours of soft twisted chenille for a variety of contract furniture applications. With Crib 5 backing the palette has a vintage influence.

  • Amaze A1 Marmalade

  • Amaze A2 Cherry

  • Amaze A3 Raisin

  • Amaze A4 Blackcurrant

  • Amaze A5 Aubergine

  • Amaze A6 Vintage Rose

  • Amaze A7 Batwing

  • Amaze A8 Saddle

  • Amaze A9 Kitten

  • Amaze A10 Koala

  • Amaze A11 Metal

  • Amaze A12 Silverado

  • Amaze A13 Cub

  • Amaze A14 Lamb

  • Amaze A15 Reindeer

  • Amaze A16 Sandblast

  • Amaze A17 Pollen

  • Amaze A18 Lichen

  • Amaze A19 Olive

  • Amaze A20 Stingray

  • Amaze A21 Ivy

  • Amaze A22 Peacock

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